Pieces of the Ocean

Pieces of the Ocean


This 32 piece hand made block set of Ombré Turquoise comes in box for easy storage. The pieces are carefully cut from responsibly sourced wood, sanded down and then painted with a paint low in VOC and GREENGUARD Gold Certified. The paint's superior stain resistance formula is scrubbabe and easy to clean. Block play is fundamental and is an activity that should be a part of every child's experience throughtout their early years. This hands-on, open ended set also helps children develop receptive and expressive language. While observing or playing along with your little ones, you can prompt them with questions like, "What will happen if you put that block on top?" "how many blocks did you use to build that?" or "which one is taller,..shorter,.. longer,.. bigger..?" Block Play provides one of the most valuable learning experiences to children. Current research shows that this type of play is fundamental for later cognitive success in math and number concepts. The best part of all is that it is versatile and you can pair it up with all kinds of things such as pretend people, rocks, sticks, gems, or anything else you may fnd laying around the house that may stimulate imaginative and creative play.

Receiving the Item
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    Because this is a hand made item, once it is purchased it can not be returned or exchanged. 

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Made in Canada