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Kreative Kitchenz-Where Imagination meets Play

We are passionate about creating dedicated spaces for children to get outside, explore and learn about the environment around them. Although we specialize in building Mud kitchens, we also build various other educational pieces that can be used to cultivate authentic learning environments.

We recognize that children have a great need for physical activity and are naturally drawn to opportunities where they can play outside. Research tells us that the experiences children have through quality outdoor play has a great influence and effect on the growth of their brain and creates strong foundations for future development in all areas.








"Many schools and daycare facilities are adding Mud Kitchens to their school yards and outdoor spaces."

Mud, dirt, sand, grass and wood chips encompass a timeless playground. The stimulating fun of a Mud Kitchen can be experienced over and over again throughout various different developmental stages. Our kitchens are geared towards ages 2 through 7 but are not restricted to this age group. Each Mud Kitchen is hand made using quality resourced wood and can be modified to suit the needs of any child.

If you have a specific date or an event, such as a birthday, that you require a kitchen to be ready by, please let  know in advance and we will do our best to accomodate.  

All Custom Kitchens are made to order.



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